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We finally have all of the links for our shows for the rest of this year!

As we slow down our spring shows and get ready for our summer break, we're look forward to attending some new shows this year. We are also debating on adding a few more shows to the summer schedule, so stay tuned for any announcements for new shows in new states.

As always, we thank you all for all of your support!

UPDATED: April 24, 2023



May 13-14     Mystic Faire     Crystal River, FL



July 14-16     Treasures of the Earth     Raleigh, NC

July 28-30     Treasures of the Earth     Virginia Beach, VA



August 5-6     Spirit Fest     Melbourne, FL



September 1-4     Treasures of the Earth     Raleigh, NC

September 16-17     Spirit Fest     Punta Gorda, FL

September 16-17     Experience Psychic Fair     New Smyrna Beach, FL

September 22-24     Treasures of the Earth     Richmond, VA



October 6-8     Treasures of the Earth     Virginia Beach, VA

October 14-15     Spirit Fest     Port St. Lucie, FL

October 20-23     American Gem Society     Danville, IN



November 11-12     Parade of Gems     Melbourne, FL

November 17-19     Treasures of the Earth     Raleigh, NC

November 24-26     Mobile Rock and Gem Society     Mobile, AL


NOTE: To keep up to date, shows are removed from the list after the event passes.

The purple highlighted event at the top is our current/next upcoming show.