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The Covid-19 virus has changed our schedule dramatically this year! There were several shows we were excited to attend that were cancelled. However, we are very excited to see that many of our favorite venues are opening up again for shows! Check the schedule below to see the shows we shows we will be a part of in 2020!

(Updated 8-2-21)

                  AUGUST 21-22  Spirit Fest  FORT MYERS, FL

                    SEPTEMBER 3-6  Treasures of the Earth  RALEIGH, NC


SEPTEMBER 11-12  Spirit Fest  PORT ST. LUCIE, FL

SEPTEMBER 17-19  Treasures of the Earth  RICHMOND, VA

                 OCTOBER 8-10  Treasures of the Earth  VIRGINIA BEACH, VA

OCTOBER 29-31  American Gem Show   INDIANAPOLIS, IN


                 NOVEMBER 13-14  Spirit Fest  SARASOTA, FL

                 NOVEMBER 19-21  Treasures of the Earth  RALEIGH, NC