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January 2022 - November 2022


This year we are packed! We have at least one show every month, so there is plenty of chances to come see us. Of course, we'll be at some of our favorite shows, but some newer ones as well.

Check the schedule below to see the shows we will be a part of in 2022!

UPDATED: July 18, 2022


August 20-21     Spirit Fest     Punta Gorda, FL


September 2-5     Treasures of the Earth     Raleigh, NC

September 10-11     Spirit Fest     Orlando, FL

September 23-25     Treasures of the Earth     Richmond, VA


October 7-9     Treasures of the Earth     Virginia Beach, VA

October 15-16     Spirit Fest     Port St. Lucie, FL


November 5-6     Spirit Fest      Largo, FL

November 18-20     Treasures of the Earth     Raleigh, NC

November 25-17     Mobile Rock & Gem Society     Mobile, AL


NOTE: To keep up to date, shows are removed from the list after the event passes.

The purple highlighted event at the top is our current/next upcoming show.