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Rose Quartz is a stone of universal and unconditional love and healing. A rosy, pink variety of Quartz, it is one of the most commonly available minerals that has been used for thousands of years. It is even believed to be used at least as far back as 600 B.C and was prized by ancient Egyptians and Romans for its "beautification powers" to prevent wrinkles and clear complexions.

It is one of the most abundantly available (and affordable) minerals on Earth, just like its sister stone, Amethyst, and is commercially mined in places such as Brazil, Germany, India, Japan, Madagascar, Namibia, South Africa, and the USA.



Appearance of Rose Quartz

Chemical Formula: SiO2 (Silicon Dioxide)

Crystal System: Trigonal

Mohs Hardness: 7

Colors: Cloudy Pink, Pastel Pink, Rosy Pink, Deep Pink

Rose Quartz is characterized by its rose color, but it can appear in a large variety of saturation and transparency. Ranging from almost opaque to almost transparent, it is usually found with whitish streaks and is fairly smooth, even in its raw form.

NOTE: Rose Quartz is fairly durable, being safe in water/saltwater [2] and its color should not fade in heat or direct sunlight [5].


Healing Properties of Rose Quartz

Chakras: Heart

Numbers: 7

Elements: Earth, Water

Planets: Venus

Zodiacs: Taurus, Libra, Scorpio


Healing, Kindness, Peace, Platonic Love, Nurturing, Romance, Self-Love, Unconditional Love


Spiritually, Rose Quartz has a divine motherly and feminine energy to nurture you in times of grief and encourage you to embrace your beauty, both inside and out. A stone that can enhance meditation, it is one of the most important crystals for purifying and opening the heart chakra to unify you with the Earth, the Universe, and the Divine. This can bring harmony with everything to teach the true essence of love.

Emotionally and mentally, Rose Quartz is very supportive and calming, especially with heartbreak and stress or tension. It can heal emotional trauma and encourage you to love, forgive, and trust yourself in order to promote stronger communication and compassion with others. This can attract love of all kinds and create strong bonds, both with others and with yourself.

Physically, Rose Quartz is believed to strengthen all things around the physical heart and circulatory system. It can reduce high blood pressure and ease chest pain and lung problems. Rose Quartz can also help increase fertility and prevent miscarriages. As stated before, it is also known for its "beautification" abilities to prevent wrinkles and clear complexions.



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NOTE: We do not condone crystals and/or minerals as a replacement for medical attention or professional help, as healing properties of crystals have not been 100% proven by science. If you are concerned about your health, please seek professional medical attention. Moreover, do not consume or place crystals and/or minerals inside of your body without professional consultation, as this can be dangerous.


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Written by Mari Rivera, February 14, 2022 - Updated March 31, 2023
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