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12 Crystals for Prosperity and Abundance

Written by Mari Rivera, February 21, 2022 - Updated February 22, 2022

It's always been fairly common to not have a lot of wealth or luck and wish for more, but sometimes we don't know where to turn to get it. It's important to accept your current situation and appreciate what you have so your intentions in attracting fortune are pure and not from a place of hurt. Whether for monetary or material gain, career or relationship opportunities, or just good luck in general, here are 12 crystals that can help bring abundance in fortune and success.



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Moss Agate - Stone of Abundance and Harmony

Moss agate is the earthy green variety of agate, which is a variety of chalcedony. It enforces harmony with the Earth to create a healthy environment and bring abundance and growth. It also cleanses and balances energies to shift focus to development of romantic and platonic relationships. Working with Mother Nature's healing energy, moss agate has long been associated with grounding, golden harvests, and communication with nature, and emotional healing of child-like wonder to ensure prosperity, strength, and restoration on all levels.



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Green Aventurine - Stone of Opportunity and Prosperity

Green aventurine a variety of quartz. It is one of the luckiest stones that is especially known for bringing abundance in love, but also show us that opportunity is all around us and attracts luck and good fortune. It also inspires compassion, creativity, independence, leadership, perseverance, and success. By opening the heart chakra, green aventurine heals on every level and stabilizes the mind to see positive change towards motivation.



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Citrine - Stone of Abundance and Success

Citrine, commonly referred to as the "lucky merchant's stone", is a golden, sparkly quartz. It is deeply connected to success in business and finances and helps materialize manifestations and wealth. It also helps stimulate concentration, imagination, joy, passion, and positive self-esteem to overcome doubt, pessimism, and other negative blocks towards your goals. Citrine increases energy to help you work towards your dreams and desires and encourages wise, creative decision making.



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Emerald - Stone of Love and Success

Emerald, a green variety of beryl, colored by traces of chromium and/or vanadium, is another green stone especially known for bringing abundance in love. However, by opening up the heart to heal, it promotes communication, courage, harmony, inspiration, and patience to clearly visualize goals in growth on all levels and creative steps you can take towards these goals. Especially used with ruby, emerald is a perfect stone for stable relationships and partnerships, as well as helping us accept physical wealth to feed emotional and spiritual wealth.



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Green Jade - Stone of Healing and Luck

Jade refers to two different minerals (nephrite, a calcium magnesium silicate, and jadeite, a sodium aluminum silicate) with similar appearances and metaphysical properties. It is another stone known for bringing abundance in love, but it is also known for being one of the luckiest stone in general. It promotes harmony with the Earth, protection of your environment, peaceful and clear thinking, and focus on and dreams of desires. Jade is a symbol of purity and unity to attract wealth and fortune and release self-imposed restrictions that prevent you from working towards financial desires.



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Malachite - Stone of Protection and Transformation

Malachite is a carbonate mineral of copper that is commonly intergrown with azurite or chrysocolla. It is an emotional cleanser, purifier, and protector that surfaces issues that need to be dealt with and gives you the strength and confidence to deal with them. By encouraging healing and change, it reminds you to stay motivated and passionate about goals and to follow your heart to make decisions. Malachite is an energy magnet that gives you the gut to take risks and push through obstacles, reassuring you that you will reach your goals.



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Mother of Pearl - Stone of Protection and Stress Relief

Mother of Pearl (or "nacre") is the iridescent substance that forms in the inner layers of the shells of some mollusks, including oysters and abalones. It relaxes and relieves stress and brings the gentle healing power of the sea to harmonize and balance emotions. It also brings endurance, organization of thoughts, and clarity for clear decision-making. With its enhancement of intuition, psychic sensitivity, and adaptability, mother of pearl attracts prosperity and divine femininity to calmly express emotions, love, and inner beauty.



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Pyrite ("Fool's Gold") - Stone of Balance and Fortune

Pyrite is a sulfide mineral that is commonly called "fool's gold" for its visual resemblance to gold. It protects and shields against bad vibrations to ignite passion, persistence, enthusiasm, and vitality. It eliminates the mindset that opportunities and abundance is scare and teaches that life is actually full of these things. Fool's gold may not be as physically valuable as real gold, but metaphysically it is full of value by bringing creativity and life to handle challenging tasks and decisions that can lead to good fortune, especially financially.



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Clear Quartz - Stone of Harmony and Healing

Clear quartz, also known as "crystal quartz" or "rock crystal", is the colorless form of quartz (a natural form of silicon dioxide). It is known to amplify and harmonize energies, intentions, and even the vibrations of other crystals to help bring clarity to goals. It also transmutes negative energy into positive energy to bring balance to the mind and body with wisdom and raised consciousness to solve problems. Clear quartz in general is a master healer crystal that can help bring you peace and clarity to focus on manifesting your intentions and desires.



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Ruby - Stone of Passion and Vitality

Ruby is a very common red gemstone and a variety of Corundum. It brings life, enthusiasm, and courage to work towards your goals. With this, it also brings self-assurance and protection to stay positive that you, your loved ones, and your material possessions are secure, and your wealth is retained. Especially used with emerald, ruby opens you up to possibilities and a flow of abundance in return for staying grounded and working hard.



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Sunstone - Stone of Abundance and Vitality

Sunstone is a variety of feldspar with a warm sheen reminiscent of the sun's rays. It encourages passion and positivity to enjoy life and appreciate what you have. In return for this appreciation, it also brings good luck, good fortune, encourages you to dream, and inspires you to be bold. Sunstone is the perfect stone to revitalize zest for life and cleanse negative energy to attract success and happiness.



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Golden Tiger's Eye - Stone of Manifestation and Protection

Tiger's eye is a variety of chalcedony that replaces the mineral crocidolite with silica, making it a pseudomorph. It is an empowering, grounding, and protective stone that helps retain energy, patience, and strength and reminds you of your dreams and intentions. It also transforms these dreams and intentions into reality by encouraging smart decision-making, enhancing personal power, and aiding in the law of attraction. Golden tiger's eye is another golden stone that helps attract prosperity and protection on all levels.

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