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Chocolate Calcite is a stone of grounding, growth, and mental health. Also known as Brown Calcite or Root Beer Calcite, it is a newer crystal found in Pakistan. Being so new, there is not much known about it still with its place in history. Even its place in the crystal community is debated with its similarities to Brown Aragonite.

Chocolate Calcite may have been originally found in Pakistan, but it may also be found in Mexico. Because of its rarity and newness to the community, beware of fakes.

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calcite-chocolate-thin.png  Chakras
Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus
Fire, Earth
6, 7, 8, 9
Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Libra, Capricorn, Pisces


Appearance of Chocolate Calcite

Chemical Formula: CaCO3 (Calcium Carbonate)

Crystal Structure: Trigonal

Mohs Hardness: 3

Colors: Brown, Deep Brown, Chocolate Brown, Coffee Brown, Caramel Brown, Creamy Brown

Chocolate Calcite, as the name suggests, has a unique combination of rich browns, creamy whites, and shiny surfaces to look just like warm, melted chocolate. It is found in mass formations and is soft enough to be easily carved and polished, being found in a variety of shapes like palm stones, obelisks, and spheres.

NOTE: As a Calcite, Chocolate Calcite is pretty fragile, making it easy to carve, but it can also be damaged by excess exposure to salt, water, and UV rays. [2]


Healing Properties of Chocolate Calcite


Abundance, Change, Earth Connection, Growth, Joy, Revitalization, Security, Self-Worth


Metaphysically, Chocolate Calcite has a strong connection to Earth. With this, it can be highly grounding, harmonizing the soul and the body and can keep you connected to the present while exploring spiritual realms. By balancing, revitalizing, and focusing your current emotional state and spirit, it can also help you achieve a profound meditative state to expand and grow. Your new level head may help you stop making repeated mistakes, break patterns that no longer serve you, see new possibilities or points of view, and connect you with your intuition in confusing situations. In the end, this can also help you become the glow worm you are supposed to be, shining your joyful light onto others to see the abundance and happiness now surrounding you, everyone, and everything around you.

Emotionally and mentally, Chocolate Calcite balances and heals the mind. It can gently patch up old wounds to remind you that you are important and worthy of abundance, happiness, and peace. This revived sense of security and self-worth can fill you with your innated joy and confidence, helping you radiate creativity, courage, optimism, and passion to everyone around you, inspiring them to do the same. It can also be helpful in times of hard change or decisions, as it can heighten mental discernment and analysis to encourage you to make constructive decisions that you may not have chosen before. On top of that, this enhanced mental capacity and clarity may be very beneficial for students, enhancing focus, retention of lessons, and balance in home life and work life or school life.

Physically, Chocolate Calcite is believed to help with everything around the joints and bones. This could be soothing disorders such as osteoporosis or arthritis, and increasing absorption of minerals, nutrients, and vitamins like calcium. It may also balance metabolism or support brain health, increasing memory, mental clarity, and vitality to combat fatigue and lethargy.



Crystal Pairings

Kiwi Jasper, another stone named after food, makes a great pair with Chocolate Calcite. They both have very similar properties and deep connection to Earth, making it easy for them to amplify each other's power. Both heal the past, present, and future, but the main difference is that where Chocolate Calcite helps you feel present by making changes to break away from the past, Kiwi Jasper helps you feel present by making changes to look forward to the future. Soothing frustration and nurturing your soul, Kiwi Jasper clears a path through negativity and darkness for Chocolate Calcite to shine a light of positivity on you and those around you.

If you are looking to specifically ground yourself, then try Phosphosdierite, Pinolith, and/or Desert Rose Selenite

If you are looking to specifically bring growth, then try Tree Agate, Honey Calcite, and/or Malachite.

If you are looking to specifically improve mental health, then try Citrine, Howlite, Rainbow Moonstone, and/or Strawberry Quartz.


Similar Stones

Brown Aragonite vs Chocolate Calcite

Brown Aragonite can be easily confused for Chocolate Calcite and vice versa. Close in color, durability, and even chemical composition, these cousin stones have many similarities, although they still have their differences. While both are softer calcium carbonate minerals that are more on the opaque side, Brown Aragonite has an orthorhombic crystal structure with a 3.5-4 on the Mohs hardness scale, and Chocolate Calcite has a trigonal crystal structure with a 3 on the Mohs hardness scale. Chocolate Calcite, being more delicate, should be able to be scratched by Brown Aragonite, but it can also be scratched by a copper penny or Azurite (3.5 Mohs hardness) while Brown Aragonite cannot [4]. Besides this, their locations of origin differ too, while Chocolate Calcite can only be found naturally from Pakistan and maybe Mexico, Brown Aragonite can be found around the world, with higher quality pieces being found in Austria and Germany.

When it comes to grounding, facing difficult emotions, and connection to Earth, Brown Aragonite and Chocolate Calcite can be interchangeable, but for their other properties, they are unique. Both bring about change, confidence, and connection, helping with self-betterment, but Brown Aragonite pushes more towards direct and clear communication/expression with your words or art, and Chocolate Calcite pushes more towards this internally or individually. Chocolate Calcite is also a bit gentler and more nurturing while Brown Aragonite can teach tolerance or understanding of your situation, as well as discipline to continue with your goals.


NOTE: We do not condone crystals and/or minerals as a replacement for medical attention or professional help, as healing properties of crystals have not been 100% proven by science. If you are concerned about your health, please seek professional medical attention. Moreover, do not consume or place crystals and/or minerals inside of your body without professional consultation, as this can be dangerous.


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