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Written by Mari Rivera, April 7, 2022

May 22 - June 21

Colors: Yellow, Light Green, Blue

Energy, Freedom, New Language, Seeker, Magic

Tarot: Lovers

Gemini, an air sign ruled by Mercury, is the third of the zodiac signs. Flighty, lively, and outspoken, Geminis easily communicate and express thoughts, adapt quickly, and connect varying points of view.  They enjoy being parts of groups, however, they bore or lose interest easily, leading them to be seen as fickle or superficial for their unattached energy as they constantly seek adventure, change, excitement, and trouble. They need to learn partnership brings attachment, and there is and contentment in peace.


Gemini, an air sign ruled by Mercury, is the third of the zodiac signs. Lively, intellectual, and outspoken, Geminis easily adapt and communicate. They enjoy being parts of groups, although they are flighty and bore easily, constantly seeking excitement and trouble and possessing an unattached energy that leads them to be seen as two-faced, so they must learn that there is satisfaction in peace and consistency.


Blue Lace Agate
















Dalmation Jasper




Blue Lace Agate - Stone of Tranquility - calms anger and frustration, works with throat chakra to bring peace of mind, counteracting fear of rejection, opening blocked self-expression, dissolves old patterns and counteracts mental stress

Arfvedsonite - Stone of Many Manifestations - strong psychic protection, opens your own psychic gifts, helps to develop all kinds of other gifts, clear all negativity from within the user, open third eye, strong spiritual growth

Celestite - Contact Your Guardian Angels - helps you develop your metaphysical gifts, calming and uplifting, aids mental clarity and sharpens mental faculties, enables angelic connects, high energy stone, useful in meditation, restoring inner balance, help one find the truth, relieving stress and anxiety

Citrine - Abundance and Success Stone - success in business, dissipates negative energy, attracts abundance, directing creative energy, decision making, building self-esteem, healing


Variscite - Stone to Release Worry - eases fears, calms the mind, relieves anxiety and worry, helpful to ones who have been ill or under stress for a long time, meditation, increases stillness in the mind, intuition and psychic abilities