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Written by Mari Rivera, April 7, 2022

January 21 - February 19

Colors: Electric Blue, Silver Grey, Fluorescent Colors

Mystery and Imagination, Genius, Youth and Ease, Acceptance, Sensitivity

Tarot: Star












Amethyst - Master Healing Stone - strongly protective, transmutes negative energy to love, relieves all kinds of stress, activates spiritual and psychic powers, helps move one into higher state of consciousness, strengthens metal abilities and heightens meditation abilities, clears auric field, helps with peaceful sleep and clear dreaming

Angelite - Conscious Connection to Angelic Realm - balancing, supporting the physical body with ethereal realm, brings inner peace, tranquility, and heals anger, relieve pain, builds protective energy, builds telepathic abilities

Aquamarine - Stone of Abundant Love and Hope - energy of compassion and abundant love available to all, connects the physical and ethereal bodies, assists in letting go of judgmental tendencies, negative emotional states, boosting vitality

Turquoise - Master Healer - healing all including spiritual issues, guiding one through the unknown on journey to enlightenment, connecting with all that is, explore past lives to find source of self- sabotage, purification stone, protects from negative influences and pollutants, align all chakras, stabilizes mood swings, ends depression and exhaustion


Hematite - Anti-Stress Stone - shields from electromagnetic smog and geopathic, physical, or mental stress, provide a calmer and cleaner environment, memory enhancement, more original thinking, access to technical knowledge, balancing emotions and energies between body, mind, and spirit, brings spiritual energies to a higher level