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Written by Mari Rivera on January 14, 2022 - Updated January 19, 2022

Sometimes we all need a boost of confidence or energy when we are faced with challenges and decisions. Life can be discouraging and tiring, and it's okay to need help. Whether self-healing, completing a project, making a big life decision, or any other case, here are 13 crystals that can keep you passionate and ready to take initiative.



Bloodstone - Revives your spirits and fills you with a renewed sense of energy to reach success.
Green Aventurine – Confidence you are on the right path and the courage to follow it.
Sardonyx - It increases stamina, vigor, and self-control. It promotes motivation, willpower, discipline.
Citrine – Keeps you from letting others hold you back.
Clear Quartz - Master healer and an amazing amplifier of energy.





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Amber - Stone of Energy and Healing

Amber is unique form of fossilized tree resin that preserves a little part of life from millions of years ago. With a deep connection to the sun and the Earth, it carries wisdom and brings warmth and energy to promote vitality and positivity. It also brings good fortune and good health physically, mentally, and emotionally. All around, amber encourages you to be patient, confident, creative, and strong and reignites passion and desires.



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Blue Apatite - Stone of Personal Power and Manifestation

Apatite is a mineral that is especially popular in its blue form. It improves courage and independence to motivate ambitions. It also improves creativity and eases nerves and confusion to help enhance communication and leadership. Blue apatite is the perfect stone to focus on and carry out goals because of its highly motivational energy, especially with personal growth.



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Bloodstone - Stone of Courage and Revitalization

Bloodstone, also known as Heliotrope, is a jasper, which is an opaque form of chalcedony. It helps calm and reenergize the mind to bring strength and passion for adjusting to situations. It also encourages you to speak up for yourself by boosting mental clarity, clear vision, and intuition. Bloodstone is a perfect stone for mediation as it brings a sense of peace and purity, and for new beginnings as it brings the energy of life and rebirth.



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Bronzite - Stone of Courtesy and Energy

Bronzite is a form of enstatite, which is known to be a common part of meteorites. It enhances courage to take control of your life and actions and eases uncertainty. It also enhances personal power by bringing grounding, protection, and energy. In general, bronzite helps develop positive self-esteem to act on our thoughts and feelings, as well as politeness to promote love and unprejudiced outlooks.



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Orange Calcite - Stone of Creativity and Energy

Orange calcite is the orange form of the carbonate mineral, calcite. It is powerful energy cleanser that releases negativity, fear, stress, and depression to bring inner peace. It is also a powerful enhancer of creativity that boost the will to create and tap into your talents. In all, orange calcite is a positive stone that clears stagnation and rejuvenates ambition and zest for life.



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Carnelian - Stone of Creativity and Power

Carnelian is a variety of chalcedony that is commonly mixed up with red banded agate. It restores vitality and gives you the energy to act on your ambitions. It also awakens your hidden talents, stimulates creativity, and enhances analytical abilities. Carnelian is the perfect stone to protect from the negativity of rage, envy, and sorrow by channeling energy into a renewed love for life.



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Citrine - Stone of Abundance and Success

Citrine is a variety of quartz that is commonly referred to as the "lucky merchant's stone". This is because of its ability to bring prosperity, wealth, and manifestations. However, it also uplifts and revitalizes to encourage self-expression, creativity, and concentration. Citrine helps heal by transmuting fear and depression into optimism and joy for the future.



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Garnet - Stone of Healing and Revitalization

Almandine garnet, usually just called "garnet" or "red garnet" as it is the most common form of garnet, is a silicate mineral. It attracts and inspires love and good health and helps connect with truths of the past to heal. It also energizes and promotes strength on all levels. Garnet is a common stone that encourages commitment and brings hope for the future.



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Goldstone - Stone of Ambition and Health

Goldstone is actually a man-made glass with flecks of copper. The copper inside helps build energy and courage for achieving goals. The stone also promotes self-confidence and health, increases drive, and protects from negative forces. In general, red goldstone helps direct negative energy into positive energy.



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Red Jasper - Stone of Endurance and Stability

Considered the "supreme nurturer", red jasper and all jaspers are opaque forms of chalcedony. It increases strength and tranquility to absorb negativity and provide protection from physic attacks. It also stimulates passion and creativity with existing capabilities as well as new, fresh ideas. Red jasper is a grounding and stabilizing stone that helps inspire and transform ideas into actions.



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Onyx - Stone of Protection and Strength

Onyx is another chalcedony that is common in its black form. It helps you "master your fate" by encouraging vigor to not give up, firmness to stand your ground, and self-control to make wise decisions. It is also highly protective against danger and evil eye by enforcing durability and bravery. All around, black onyx promotes personal power and enhances stamina.



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Ruby - Stone of Passion and Vitality

Ruby is a very common red gemstone and a variety of Corundum. It supports self-assurance, positivity, and inspiration to overcome exhaustion and lethargy. It also brings enthusiasm and courage to retain zest for life. Ruby is a perfect quick energy boost to revitalize the heart and spirit and carry out goals.



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Red Tiger's Eye - Stone of Personal Power and Protection

Tiger's eye is another chalcedony, most common in its golden form, but equally healing in its red form. Highly protective and grounding, it strengthens willpower, raises self-esteem, releases tension, and increases energy. It increases drive to complete projects and solve problems. Red tiger's eye opens you up to unconditional love and inspires you to take initiative.

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