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The Spiritual and Healing Properties of Tourmaline

Crystal Healer of Many Colors


Tourmaline is believed to promote inspiration and happiness, reduce fear, and build self-confidence among its users. It's also used to balance yin-yang energies, as it's considered a physical bridge to the spiritual.

Tourmaline comes in a variety of colors, the most common being black. It also comes in pink to red, blues, yellows, browns, greens, oranges, and then a combination of two or more of these colors. This is referred to as the rainbow tourmaline. The energies within the crystals differ depending on the colors.

Balancing the Chakras

Tourmalines, in general, are believed to be excellent tools for energizing and balancing the chakras, especially crystal wands made from tourmaline, for cleansing the aura and balancing the meridian system.

A good rule of thumb in regard to the healing properties of the various crystals is to match the colored crystals with the colors associated with the primary chakras (scroll down the page to see the chart of healing properties by color).

Shamanic use of tourmaline regionally through the ages includes healers from Africa, India, Australian indigenous tribes, and Native Americans.

Tourmaline Colors and Uses


red-violet (rubellte) - Root chakra healer; offers vitality to the physical body

orange - Enhances creativity, stimulates the sacral chakra, and balances emotions of sexual nature

yellow (tsilasite) - Aligns with the solar plexus chakra; boosts personal power and spiritual growth

pink (elbaite) - Promotes joy and love

green - Opens the heart chakra, allowing it to perceive what the third eye visualizes; teaches compassion; a must-have stone for the herbalist or anyone who works with plants; attracts success and abundance

blue - Activates third eye and throat chakra; assists retrieval of higher knowledge and enhances inner knowing

violet (siberite) - Protects against dark entities

brown (dravite) - Cleanses the aura and auric field; can be used as a protective stone to bring peace and hope

black (aphrizite and schorl) - Repels negativity; lifts dark mood into the light; grounds root chakra to the earth energies

watermelon - Promotes unconditional love; bonds the heart chakra energies with the higher self; enlightens energies, allowing room for laughter and lightness, releasing moods when being too serious

colorless (achroite) - Activates the crown chakra; assists communications with the ascended masters, extraterrestrial beings, and the angelic realm; also aids higher awareness.


Tourmaline for Healing

Absorbing, aligning, and cleansing: Because it absorbs negative energy, it is very important to cleanse tourmaline after use. After aligning chakras and absorbing negative energy, the effects can easily be felt by those who believe in its power and uses. To balance the chakras in the body, the stone can be heated.


Attracting inspiration: Some believe tourmaline helps to clear, maintain, and stimulate each of the energy centers. It attracts inspiration. It will diminish people's fears by bringing understanding and encourages self-confidence.

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