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A crystal a day keeps bad moods away.



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We asked two experts to share the precious gemstones they use in everyday life, to inspire good vibes and to get through rough times.

It should come as no surprise that crystals have made the leap from woo-woo to normal. The precious stones are known for their therapeutic and attracting powers – from dealing with stress and anxiety, to manifesting romance and clearing bad vibes, you can even use them to infuse positive energy into your water – or wine.

Celebrities love them, in fact Miranda Kerr swears by rose quartz. She plants them in her garden and uses them to filter the ingredients in her skincare line Kora Organics. Victoria Beckham and Naomi Campbell are also fans, both carrying black tourmaline in their handbags to protect against negative energies.

The ancient healing practice has been used for centuries, so whether you need help kicking a bad habit, want to inspire more creativity or have had a rough day there’s a special stone that can help. To decipher which works best for whatever life throws at us we asked healer, crystal devotee and founder of beauty and wellness space Venustus Jeannie Bourke and founder of crystal store Mineralism Jessica Lahoud for their expert advice.

“It can be hard to accept something that has been labelled ‘woo-woo’ for such a long time,” says Lahoud. “Everything is vibrational frequency, we know this and accept this scientifically. So, think of it this way - crystals all emanate different vibrational frequencies depending on their colour, crystal structure and size. People also emanate unique vibrational frequencies, and by holding onto crystals we’re able to tune into them and elevate our own ‘vibe’. These vibrational frequencies can shift energetic blockages, allowing for energy to flow freely so that we are not held back by them,” she explains.

For every day: Quartz

“The most abundant and versatile crystal available is Quartz,” says Lahoud. “It’s an incredible stone in that it can be “programmed” unlike most other crystals. What this means is that it magnifies the intentions that we focus into it and will hold onto that energy until it is cleansed, or a new intention is set. If you only ever buy one crystal in your life, make it a quartz crystal.”

How to integrate it into your life:

“Programming your quartz is a simple ritual but should be done with reverence for the best results,” explains Lahoud. “Begin by taking a few deep breaths to quiet your mind. Cleanse your quartz in whichever way you feel intuitively guided [try using salt water, sun, smudging or moonlight]. Hold your hands over your crystal with your palms facing down and focus on one intention visualising the energy moving through you and transferring into the crystal. Do this for a few minutes until you feel the ritual is complete,” she explains. “Some examples of intentions you could set are the motivation to exercise regularly, for mental clarity, emotional healing, peaceful dreams or to manifest a new job. Your options are limitless!”

“If you decide not to programme your quartz it still has incredible properties that make it worth having in your daily routine” she adds. “Quartz transmutes the energy around you into higher, stabilised energy. It helps to with focus, clarity, decision making and memory.”

Clear Quartz. Image: iStock

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When you need to ‘cleanse’: Selenite

“It’s used for clarity of mind, expanding your awareness of self and your surroundings,” says Bourke. “Can help in issues of judgement and deciding and also allows you to see the inner workings of any situation, to understand the superficial and the deeper meaning [of life or situations].” Lahoud agrees saying, “Selenite is a stone of purification and can be used to clear the stagnant or lower (negative) energies from a space, a person or even from other crystals,” she says. “Because of its powerful cleansing properties, it can also dissipate brain fog and mental chatter to allow for sharp mental clarity and focus.”

How to integrate it into your life:

“Like a wand waving from the third eye, over the head, down back to base chakra – great at the end of every day, like washing away the stress of the day,” explains Bourke. “It can also be used as a place to store your jewellery to cleanse after wearing.”


Keep your other stones with your selenite to keep them cleansed.

Before bed: a mixture

“When it comes to crystals for sleeping, there isn’t a one size fits all solution, as our reasons for lack of sleep are great and varied,” says Lahoud. “But these are my top recommendations:


The calming, purifying and protective properties make it a great crystal to have in your bedroom to promote restful sleep.


Calms an overactive mind and helps to regulate sleep patterns. Place it in your pillowcase, or under your bed if you find it encourages too many dreams.


Helps to relieve stress and regulate sleeping. Calms your nerves and helps to prevent nightmares.

Bourke recommends Kyanite. “It aligns all chakras automatically and immediately and brings tranquillity and a calming effect on the whole being. It can also dispel anger and frustration after a difficult day,” she says.

How to integrate it into your life:

Place them on your bedside table, underneath your bed, in your pillowcase or in the pocket of your pyjamas. “If you would prefer to keep crystals out of your bedroom, you can meditate with these crystals before bed to receive their benefits,” says Lahoud.

Having a bad week at work: Amethyst

“It’s the stone of spirituality and contentment,” explains Bourke. “It works on spiritual protection and purification by cleansing your energy field of negative influences and attachments.” “It also acts as a barrier against lower energies (yours and others) and unhealthy environments, relieves stress and strain, soothes irritability, balances and helps to remove anger, fear anxiety and activates spiritual awareness,” she adds.

How to integrate it into your life:

“When meditating to create a sense of calm and peace. Place on the third eye during meditation, or keep it in your pocket or handbag.”

Feeling down or sick: Citrine or Lemon Quartz

“Citrine or the ‘merchant’s stone’ assists in acquiring and maintaining wealth, but most importantly it promotes radiance and happiness from within the self,” says Bourke. “It can brighten even the darkest corner of your perceived reality and helps you to laugh. But the best part is that is doesn’t hold or accumulate negative energy and does not need cleaning.

There’s also Lemon Quartz, which feels sunny and can be used to cleanse or lift a mood due to it’s high vibration. Can also remove self-doubt, bring confidence, joy and peace. This stone also never needs cleansing.”

How to integrate it into your life:

Simply carry it with you.

Citrine. Image: iStock

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A big happy life moment: Carnelian

“The stone of courage and creativity. It helps you to step into your power and move past limiting belief patterns (imposter syndrome, I’m looking at you),” explains Lahoud. “It helps you to embrace challenges and view them as a chance to level up! Keep the momentum of a huge successful or happy moment in your life by working with Carnelian. This can be by wearing a carnelian necklace or bracelet as an amulet for positivity, or through affirmations when you need a pick me up to keep that high energy momentum going!”

How to integrate it into your life:

“Close your eyes and hold over your belly. Take a few deep breaths and go inwards, visualise yourself surrounded by a warm orange light. When you feel at ease, with each new breath repeat (either out loud or to yourself): I am safe, I feel confident, I am creative, I feel empowered, I am strong, I feel valuable, I am grounded, I deserve pleasure and success,” says Lahoud

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A sad life moment: Smokey or Rose Quartz

“Smokey Quartz is known as the stone of cooperation, it has been used in tribal ceremonies to enhance stability and to provide protection,” explains Bourke. “It promotes personal pride and joy and can be used to dissolve or absorb negative energies and emotional blockages.”

Lahoud recommends Rose Quartz, “The stone of unconditional love clears and strengthens the heart energy centre which allows for healing from old emotional conditioning that holds us back from full open-hearted potential and helps us to navigate a big moment of sadness or grief in our life,” she says. “Rose Quartz helps you to release anxieties that prevent you from moving forward. It helps you to create trust in yourself and others and encourages kindness. When we are operating from a heart space we can think more clearly, are at ease, are more accepting, understanding and are happier. It is one of the most important crystals when it comes to crystal healing.”

How to integrate it into your life:

Bourke recommends hugging or holding Smokey Quartz until you feel better, then putting it out under the sky. For Rose Quartz you can visualise the energy of the crystal enveloping you in glowing pink light before feeling free to release any emotional stress.

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Unsure of how to find the right crystal for you? Try this...

"Next time you’re in a crystal shop, try ignoring all of the little info cards and labels, resist the temptation to reference the crystal book and trust your body,” says Lahoud. “Take a moment to centre yourself and then move through the space, scanning around you, paying close attention to your body and how you respond to the different stones on a physical level. I promise you’ll finally know what people mean when they say, ‘this crystal was calling me!’”


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