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Beautiful, captivating and dangerous ruby. This jewel known for its dazzling red color, shares the category of precious stone with sapphire and diamond. Its beauty and prestige became one of the favorite jewels of the most important personalities in the world, actresses, aristocrats and monarchs preferred it to adorn their most famous real pieces. Jewelry is not only used to manifest ostentation but also as a spiritual and physical protection company.

The ruby ​​is beautiful but it also has a magic that must be very careful, its energy activity is possibly the strongest of all the stones; However, it should be used with caution, you must be very sure of what you want and what it feels like because it will allow you to achieve it and there will be no going back.

Humanity met the ruby ​​through the writings of India dating back 2300 years BC, its name comes from the word “ruber” in Latin which means “red.” The beautiful ruby ​​became known in the world quickly, the East being the place where it gained more popularity, there defined as “a drop of blood from the heart of mother earth.

For their part, the Indians called it Ratnanayaka, which can be translated into a phrase similar to “The King of Precious Gems” or “The Boss,” they divided them into castes, similar to social classes. Rubies represented the “upper class” of jewels in terms of impeccability, beauty and also “magic.” At that time, it was forbidden to join this stone with a lower crystal because it was believed that it could become contaminated and lose its divine power.

In India, those who donated rubies to honor Krishna were granted the joy of being reborn as emperor in the afterlife, this happened as a manifestation of karma “by granting power you will be granted power.

Dangerous magic stone

The ruby ​​is the favorite gem of those who have the power, for the same reason that it has the gift of enhancing an existing force. If it is love, it is love, if it is power it is power and if it is a negative feeling, then you have to be very careful. This stone can inspire an emotion much more than any other stone. It means love and passion.

Ruby stone is much more adapted to those who have already achieved something in life.

Ruby stone in the bible

In the bible it is considered the first gemstone in the ancient Sanskrit writings:

“And they set four orders of stones in it. The order was a ruby, an emerald, and a chrysolite; this was the first order ”

“In Eden, in the garden of God you were; every precious stone was your garment; the sardium, topaz, diamond, turquoise, onyx, and beryl, sapphire, ruby, emerald, and gold. The works of your drums and freaks were noticed in you the day you were created. ”

In the time of Jesus Christ, experts already perceived the supreme strength of this stone and that is why they considered it the first.

What makes ruby ​​so special?

It’s about its hardness and its magical energy. This stone is really strong, its hardness is only inferior to that of the diamond, this immediately makes it not only more beautiful and dangerous of all but also the second strongest. It is very difficult to break a ruby, as well as, it was difficult to carve it in ancient times; This faculty also made it one of the most exclusive. Those who had it were the wealthiest and those who felt with the security and firmness of carrying this stone and not being affected by its power.

Ruby is probably the most used gem by artists for the elaboration of similes and analogies, especially when one wishes to express desire or passion: “She had ruby ​​lips”, or as is the case with “Diana’s 7 books” : “The eagle that carried a ruby ​​in its claws”, as a reference to a heart in love, which is a double-edged sword as is the case with this stone. The ruby ​​has a hardness of 9 on the mohs scale, and although its color is usually red, sometimes pink pieces are usually seen.

Living flame stone

In times of constant battles they allied themselves to this beautiful stone, the soldiers appreciated it and considered it their power crystal, because of its color they associated it with blood and its ability to preserve life. It is very difficult to know if it is only because of this similarity or because of the ancient beliefs that decided to take it as protective, but it was.

Those who risk their lives have a special connection with this gem, because the stone of all or nothing, if you leave with confidence to such work the ruby ​​only enlarges your level, gives you invulnerability. For some it was only enough to place the stone on the left side of their body, but there were other soldiers who inserted the stone into their flesh because they thought that really the stone would always accompany them. The ruby ​​protected them from spears, guns and swords. Today those who use it do not protect themselves from swords but protect themselves from negativity and negative energies, as well as themselves, on some occasions …

The ruby ​​has its own internal light that when viewed closely looks like a living flame of fire, this feature is truly captivating and at the same time it is a disadvantage because if you want to wrap it for a gift, its light can shine and reveal its presence. This is why it was also called “The living torch.”


The legend of the beautiful Maharaní

In India, the wife of the Maharana who is the king or monarch of the state of India is called Maharaní. An old legend tells the story of a particularly beautiful Maharani who gave rise to the ruby ​​stone.

This young lady, because of her beauty, woke up the envy of women who wanted to be like her, and gentlemen who did not accept that it could not be for them.

One sad day the beautiful Maharani walked along with a transparent stone in her hands, when suddenly a member of the court that hunted her decided to kill her. Maddened by jealousy it took his life and it fell to the ground, bloodstaining the beautiful transparent glass and turning it red forever.

Ruby is a stone with courage. In this story he represented death and hate, but it is our duty to take his powerful magic to power love, we already know how his energy works.

The queen of the gems

Jewelry is a world of glitz and glamour, where each of the stones has a special economic and spiritual value; However, cases related to the ruby ​​always go level:

We were at the end of 2005 when Jean-Marc Lunel, senior specialist in international jewelry, received a phone call from Christie’s office in Monaco. They told him about a client who wanted an assessment of some jewels that were stored in a bank safe.

The collection consisted of 9 precious jewels signed by Faraone, Van Cleef & Arpels, and three magnificent Bulgari rings. The most valuable of these pieces was a Burmese ruby ​​weighing 8.62 carats that had not been treated.

Burmese rubies of this size, and that have not been treated, are incredibly rare. Finding one with a crystal of incredible purity, which barely shows inclusions, and with a beautiful red tone, is something that happens once in a lifetime.

Ruby deposits

Sri lanka was the site where the first ruby ​​extraction was carried out 2500 years ago, although Burma is currently the one who holds the honor of being the country that supplies the most rubies. The rubies of the Mogok Valley are considered by experts as the best in the world, the purest and most beautiful, and therefore the one that offers the best properties.

It is also possible to find it in Vietnam, Kenya and Tanzania.

One of the most valued rubies is known as “pigeon blood” that is extracted in Burma, specifically in the Myan mines.

The rubies that are extracted in Thailand are of a darker color and less intense than those that come from Burma, of high quality and therefore, more expensive. This does not mean that Thai rubies are not good but they are more affordable.

Rubies that come from África have many inclusions, that is, small defects that damage their purity, but still very beautiful stones can be found with special clarity at good prices.

Ruby price

The value of a ruby ​​is based on its intensity the uniform color. Unlike what is thought, a ruby ​​less red but with uniformity is more expensive than a fire red but with variations in hue. The highest quality ruby ​​can cost more than a diamond, having the same quality and weight. This is because it is a very rare phenomenon.

The color tones can be pale pink to red-black. The “correct” color is that of “pigeon blood” (bright red with violet tones). This type of stone is the most unusual.


How to know if the ruby ​​is authentic?

The simplest test to know if the ruby ​​is real is to try to scratch it, the authentic jewel cannot be marked because it is incredibly hard. While the false stone when scratched with a coin the mark is noticed.

When scratching a surface with the stone, if it leaves a red mark, it means that it is not real and it is a piece of stained glass. Another special factor of the ruby ​​is that its brightness is similar to the light of a traffic light, lived and dark, while the fake stones are bright but not bright.

However, an expert in jewelry, is the right person to examine a piece of ruby ​​and detect its authenticity, if you really want to enjoy the magic that accompanies this stone.

Ruby uses

This beautiful stone is mainly used to make beautiful and sometimes very expensive pieces of jewelry, but its uses are not limited solely to the exploitation of its beauty. She has also served humanity to manufacture mechanical watches, in which they serve as support or hub of the axles subjected to rotations since their hardness resists friction wear.

Healing properties of ruby

The queen of gems is one of the most beautiful and the most powerful of all, but all power carries great responsibility. It must be taken in the hands with a lot of security and decision because the feeling that is lived in that moment is the one that will be able to propagate infinitely. The ruby ​​fills its bearer of courage.

The ruby ​​makes a good person even better, turns someone bad into a true villain, helps noble and brave people win victories, and gives ordinary people happiness and love. It should not be used for black magic or to transmit negative energies, remember, everything you profess with it is returned to you.

Its energy also provides very positive results for health problems such as bleeding, appetite, insomnia and blood pressure.

Rubies are beautiful elegant and imposing, they have the magical gift of providing confidence and class to those who wear them, perhaps this is one of the favorite jewels of English royalty.

Usually the ruby ​​is admired and coveted for its beauty and courage, those who seek it want to boast status and rank. However, their true importance lies in the message they reveal from whom formed them: the earth.

For the most expert scientists, a gem like ruby ​​is something similar to a message inside a bottle, a clue, a very interesting fact of all the chemical forces that act deep inside the earth; as well as a source of energy that is too powerful to be used with caution.


History’s favorite gem

It is very complicated to tell the story of this stone without referring to the many times in which humanity has honored it. This stone has been enlarged in every way. The most expensive shoes in the world designed by Stuart Weizman wear 642 rubies and cost 1.6 million dollars.

Surely you will also remember the famous glove of the King of Pop … This significant piece wore rubies. Michael Jackson was sure of the gifts of this stone and that is why he decided to accompany it in several of the most e

Esoteric properties of ruby

Ruby is a stone of fire, so ancient Egyptian and Arab astrologers believed that ruby ​​stone is the best friend for those born in Sagittarius, although modern jewelers say it belongs to cancer (even though Cancer is a sign of water and Sagittarius is fire). But in reality these two signs of the zodiac can wear jewelry with rubies, as it will help Sagittarius have more power and have people around them, and in the case of cancer, it will help them express their feelings and strengthen love.

Esoteric properties of ruby

Ruby is a stone of fire, so ancient Egyptian and Arab astrologers believed that ruby ​​stone is the best friend for those born in Sagittarius, although modern jewelers say it belongs to cancer (even though Cancer is a sign of water and Sagittarius is fire). But in reality these two signs of the zodiac can wear jewelry with rubies, as it will help Sagittarius have more power and have people around them, and in the case of cancer, it will help them express their feelings and strengthen love.