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Black Onyx Meaning: Positive or Negative?

Gemstones are a beautiful addition to the pendant necklaces and often serve as a flattering fashion decoration, or a lucky charm.

There are many gemstones, different in shapes, sizes, color, as well as chemical composition and properties. But, what if there is more to these gemstones and their meanings?

If you believe in good fortune, healing properties, protection charms and more, then this article is ideal for you.

What is Black Onyx?

Onyx is a black gemstone stripped with white streaks, combined on jewelry and other accessories. It is grouped as Chalcedony a crypto crystalline form of Quartz stone. However, it consists of very dense layers which contribute to its durable hardness of 7.

In some other definitions, it’s explained as an Agate which is also a type of Chalcedony, boasting black and white streaks. The two are nearly the same but boast notable differences. For example, Onyx boast parallel layers while Agate’s layers are curved and less organized.

Black Onyx Meaning stone

A Piece of Natural Black Onyx

Onyx is also often defined as a solid black stone, although it is the Chalcedony, in particular, being referred to as solid. There is another variant form which is similar to Onyx although the layers are alternating to Sard, which is a Chalcedony stone with reddish-brown hue. The form is known as Sardonyx, with both forms being used for over 4,000 years in carving.

 When it comes to crafting and processing, black Onyx appears layered with Sard, while there are also variants which combine more elements.
Onyx has been used for a long time, with the gemstone being mentioned in a lot of scripts throughout history, as well as the Bible. The use of the gemstone, however, is conflicted throughout other scripts and the definition is often being confused and overlapped. In the section below, we’ll shed more light on the origin of this gemstone, as well as its meanings.
Origin of Black Onyx

Black Onyx is a noble and used since the ancient times, even by the earliest civilizations that left their trail on this planet. Not only was it considered beautiful and breathtaking, but it also emitted powerful energy.

The deep black texture makes a person lose themselves in them, but also boasts a unique decoration. It’s ribboned with white stripes, and as such was used for various purposes throughout the history.

In early history, it was used in burials and many traditional ceremonies. It even found purposes in the processes as scrying and other magical rituals. It was used in the warcraft, given it was often utilized in amulets, swords, shields and armour, with the sole purpose to shield, protect and spare the warriors in battles as their most powerful amulet.

It also found its purpose among Greeks and Romans. The two civilizations used both Black Onyx and the aforementioned Sardonyx knew for its reddish and brown hues. The two stones were used for crafting the statues and figures of gods they worshiped. They were also decorating the seals, stone figures, heroes of the time and more.

This sacred stone was also praised in many historical events, found its place in various manuscripts and sacred, religious texts, and finally in the Bible. It has even been described in Genesis, where it was named as an element of creation.

Onyx has been praised in various cultures and religions. However, not everywhere it enjoyed such love, craving and utilizing. Some cultures found it extremely scary and feared it in a great matter. In some manuscripts, it was mentioned as a “bad luck stone” which was darkening to the mind and much more. It was believed to be the cause of sadness, fear, pain, depression, anxiety and the main culprit of mood swings.

Black Onyx Meaning necklace

Black Onyx Necklace

According to those traditions, it was making people angry and difficult to deal with, it’d make lovers fight and eventually cut ties, responsible for family fights and assaults of demons. It was most feared in ancient China, where only slaves and those in poverty who couldn’t afford proper living went to dig them in mines.

Once the Onyx would be extracted from the rock, it’d be taken out of the country and sold out in other countries. The traditions believed that the only way to avoid this misfortune or fight it back was to wear a Sard stone, likely Sardonyx which had the power to neutralize the power of Onyx.
As time moves forward through the centuries, metaphysical practitioners teach different cultures to appreciate and embrace the powers of Onyx despite the existing contradiction, teaching them to harness its negative influence and eventually yield great results.
Eventually, the cultures agree that it is used for self-improvement and that it’s the charm of strength and mastery of self. It is connected to the human body and binds them to the Earth and nature, whereas it takes negative energy away.
While there are still different interpretations of Black Onyx meanings, we’ve focused mainly on those that are still believed in now. Black Onyx now symbolizes the calmness and stillness of the clear night sky, when the moon and stars are away. In Peruvian and Native American traditions, this dark gemstone echoes the initiation, change, rebirth and more.

It’s important for those who are in need of personal power, the power that grows after one grows the courage to face their fears. It symbolizes a super-power, the ability to grow above your fears and phobias to achieve your goals and victory. All of us have some sort of a phobia.

Many are scared of the dark; some are scared of spiders, some of the water, some of the wolves. This gemstone is supposed to succeed in helping you overcome these fears. Black Onyx is supposed to free your soul from the chains of fear and extend your horizon, making it worth fighting forward.

Black Onyx Meaning ring

It also symbolizes quiet growth and rebirth. It is often connected to the darkest time of night when the world is quiet and only the natural sounds cover the planet. That’s when Onyx frees people’s darkest fears and helps them rise above. It is the opposite of the sun-empowering gemstones that energize during the day. Black Onyx heals during the night. It is ideal for those who seek spiritual transformation, so it’s an essential part of every stone collector.

With three colors that describe it – deep black, white and grey bands of color, Onyx represents three stages of the planet. Black resembles the dark night sky, while the gray is the sky just before dawn or dusk, while the color of white represents the day.

It is believed throughout different cultures that the most magical effects take place during the dusk which then manifest in the colors of twilight. The colors in combination represents the connection between black and white which helps restore balance.

Lastly, Onyx is considered a gem which can restore and soothe from everyday stress and nervousness and bring harmony to those who are looking for it. Those who choose Black Onyx as their companion can expect support for restoring the work-life as well as day-to-day life balance.

Healing Properties of Black Onyx

If the previous sections of this article convinced you that Black Onyx is the right choice for you, or you’ve been looking for it for a time now, the further section displays why it’s so popular among people and what healing properties it comes with.

Firstly, Black Onyx is ideal for people who suffer from some type of anxiety, depression and are looking for a deeper picture of themselves. Black Onyx is believed to provide the mirror to the deeper parts of our soul. Its intuitive healing properties will help guide us through the self-recovering journey, but it first requires us to see the darkness before we can be guided towards the light.

The Black Onyx is supposed to release us from the society-set constraints such as belief systems, gender roles, and more, focusing the healing properties entirely on our souls and personalities. It will help shed the truth about yourself and learn how to use and control your qualities, bringing you closer to the universe.

Even though this gemstone looks like it’s sad and depressive, it helps you set thyself away from the expectations set by the society, as well as the self-doubt, making you be the best version of yourself, to yourself, teaching you how to be authentic and have your own integrity.

Onyx with meditation

Onyx crystal is also ideal for meditations; those who prefer to immerse into the world of spirituality and freedom can enjoy using this gemstone as a meditating accessory. It will help you stay focused on your inner beauty, disallowing the outer effects to distract you or disrupt your spiritual recovery.

Black Onyx is also known to help resolve issues from the past. If the deep thoughts are bothering you and you don’t know from where they are coming, it can possibly be memories, as well as any kind of thoughts that can prevent you from achieving your goals. If you use Onyx crystal in continuity in the meditation sessions, there’s no doubt your mind will be cleared.

Healing With Onyx and Other Crystals

Black Onyx can also be combined with other crystals to achieve more healing properties. For example, many spiritual practitioners combine it with Selenite and Clear quartz so that it can combine into more healing features, helping you achieve harmony, balance, but also feel complete.

The combination of these crystals gives a unique power as they all function independently to make you better, while also being dependent on one another to make you whole.

That said, if you combine the mentioned crystals, keep in mind that the Black Onyx will support while coating you in protection and security. On the other hand, the white crystals are used to provide clarity and open your horizons towards the new beginning.

Black Onyx Meaning clear quartz tower

Once the Onyx crystal is combined for other healing properties, you’ll have a clear indication of the next things you have to do in the future.

Emotional therapy

Onyx is also a powerful crystal when it comes to dealing with emotional therapy. It’s powerful enough to provide strength to bear with hard and confusing emotional situations where you’ve lost a loved one, suffered from the end of a long relationship or friendship, or just separation in particular.

As mentioned above, it’ll soothe your overwhelming emotions and subside anxiety, fear, tempers and more. In the meantime, it’ll help you restore your rational thinking, composed emotions and improve your self-confidence.

Physical therapy with black onyx

Lastly, both Onyx and Sardonyx provide a great resource for improving the function and performance of nerves, as well as different organs in your body.

They are a great cure for sensitive sensory organs, especially those that are disbalanced. They are used to enhance hearing and recover other organs associated with hearing. They are used for treating different hearing diseases, as well as hearing impairment and even support the treatment of tinnitus.

Lastly, the two are used for strengthening and healing the immune system, providing more power and strength in time of need. Also, they restore metabolic processes and regulate the digestion of food and different fluids. That said, if you want a spiritual companion to help you with your diet, Black Onyx is ideal for that.


Black Onyx, as well as its other varieties, have a rich history and have assisted various people in achieving better results with what they were doing and enriching the civilizations culturally. Now, this crystal is an ideal healing element. Regardless of whether you want it as home decoration or piece of jewelry, Black Onyx is a great option.


Anne Griffith, "Black Onyx Meaning, Positive or Negative?" 12-13-2019