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Mortar & Pestles

Mortar & Pestles


One of our MOST POPULAR items, our mortar & pestles make fantastic gifts for any loved one who loves their kitchen and/or practicing magik!

These have so many magikal uses as well as everyday kitchen uses. Great for...

Sachet Powders
Incense Powder Compounds
Bath Crystals
Floor Wash


Caesar Dressing
Flavored Salts

In addition to grinding and mixing your herbs for alchemical and medicinal uses, they carry the energy of marble.

In crystal healing, White marble is believed to have strong metaphysical qualities of grounding and calming. It provides for strength of self control and mastery of thought. It enhances the powers of serenity. White marble is used as a cleansing stone, often used in the fields of naturopathy and homeopathy for its balancing qualities.

Disclaimer:  The information provided within our store is both intuitive and derived from traditional wisdom sources which may not be verifiable by scientific methods advocated by the FDA or other governmental agencies.  Because individuals react differently to energies, vibrations and/or beliefs, we cannot offer a guarantee of results or reactions.