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There are points in our lives where we feel like we have done all that it takes to absolutely get that thing that we want or just to have a little sliver of peace. Now that gadgets, social media, and everything tech-y has basically eaten up our days, it pays to have mini retreats in-between. This guide lists how you can take a detox without having to leave your favorite city. Getting into keeping crystals for your mindfulness & health is a very easy way to keep yourself in check.


Any timing is perfect as long as you feel your intuition guiding you. You might be drawn to purchasing crystals because of their features & intricacies but this reason is good enough for you to dive into the practice. Don’t be scared that you might be doing anything wrong as there is no strict guidebook on how to use them.


What Crystals Should I Buy?


The crystal(s) you might want to buy depends on the intention that you will be setting. It’s not at all just one dimensional. You could be buying it for its beauty but you should put it to good use. A famous stone called Amethyst, helps you release your negative thoughts & heals you from experiencing anxiety. A Rose Quartz stone, helps magnify the abundant energy of universal love. Clear Quartz helps you improve your manifestation ability when it comes to perceiving wealth & abundance. Citrine is the stone that helps you bring your dreams to reality.


Where should I buy them?


There are a lot of Crystal shops in Manila. You can find one in Maginhawa and in Makati. There are also a lot of online crystal shops that you can choose from. The top rated ones are Indigo Crystals, Clear Space Manila, KuriStorePH, & Bejeweled By Tina.



How Do I Cleanse Them?


There are a multitude of ways to cleanse your crystals. If you have extra cash, it would be best to buy a Selenite wand for its cleansing abilities. Burning dried white sage smoke in the method of smudging is also very helpful to your crystal babies. For days when you really don’t feel like buying extra stuff, music, water (only for the non water soluble stones), sunshine, & moonlight, are very beginner friendly ways to clear the programmed energies in your keepsake.




How Do I Use Them?


Crystals are very helpful tools and can be used as charms. For acing a job interview, pack a citrine in your purse. For clarity, an amethyst in your hand during meditation can help you think better. For your first dates, a little push from the rose quartz in your pocket is just what you need. You can use the crystals however you please as long as you proceed with caution.



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