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Pyramids - Meaning and Uses in Crystal Healing

Written by Diana Gallemore in February, 2020

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Everyone knows what a pyramid is. Most of us have been to geometry class and we've all been captivated as children in school, learning about the great pyramids in Egypt, and the mystery behind how they were constructed. Monolithic pyramids exist all over the world from ancient times: Egypt, Sudan, Peru, Mexico, Iraq, Guatemala, Rome, China, and more. [1] There was something very important about the pyramid in ancient human culture that has not completely been lost. We still find the pyramid very powerful in crystal healing.

The basic function of a pyramid shape is believed to ground and sustain the energy of its crystal to the environment it is placed in (in other words, enhance the current main energy of the environment) and simultaneously absorb and release any unwanted or negative energy out through the apex (top/point). This makes it another great option as a central crystal in a crystal grid.

Choosing which material (i.e. rose quartz, rhodonite, mookaite jasper, etc) your pyramid is made of is the crucial part. Think of the main purpose you are buying the pyramid for and align that with the properties of the crystal you purchase. Once you buy a crystal, you have to work with it. It doesn't just work on its own. The very 1st step is to cleanse the crystal. Next, you need to think of the space where you want to place your pyramid and think of the energies in that place that you like and want to sustain or enhance. Last, think of possible negative energies that you would want removed from that space. Concentrate on those being absorbed by the base of the pyramid and released through the apex. Now you have your pyramid set to the intention it was meant for.

Always remember, crystals don't work all on their own. You have to work with them and recharge them, cleanse them, and reset intention as basic crystal maintenance. For more information, continue browsing our collection of learning articles. If you have a specific question that you aren't able to find info for on our page, please feel free to contact us via the form on our contact page!

Good energies to you and yours.

Credits: [1] Kaur, Atipriya. "Amazing pyramids around the world." Skyscanner, 7 Jun 2016,