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How I Use My Black Obelisks

Written by Bob Goff in February, 2019

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Let’s set a couple of known parameters:

1. You have to work with your stones to get the maximum benefit from them.

2. Black crystals, such as Black Tourmaline, Obsidian, Shungite, or Jet, are known as protection stones.

If I am trying to protect a room, like a baby’s nursery or my grandchildren’s sleep over bedroom, I first find a place where I can place the obelisk. It doesn’t need to be a central place, but it does need to be where it can remain undisturbed. A simple shelf screwed into the wall high enough to remain out of reach from curious little hands works well.

Then I need to work with the obelisk—to program it or ask it to use its energy to perform the tasks that it CAN do and the ones I want it TO do. The best way to do this is to meditate with the obelisk. I find that physical contact with the stone works best for me. I believe that I impart energy through my hands and my thoughts are my energy.

After a session or two with the stone, bonding if you want to use that visualization, it is time to set the tasks you wish the stone to perform AND for whom you wish it to perform. If I want to provide protection for my wife’s beading room so she can create intricate patterns or stunning combinations, I ask the stone to protect the room from negative energy or vampiric energy from others. It may be the grouchy neighbor next door projecting negativity through the window in the beading room. It may be coming in on radio waves commenting on political discourse from the next room. It may even be the dog, having a bad day after getting his tail stepped on by accident. I use a visualization of a switch or dial on the stone to turn it on, or to up the energy level when my wife is in the room. A simple touch in that visualization allows my wife or I to adjust to our needs

Whatever the potential negativity, you need to create a visual image as a barrier. That’s what I ask, or program, this particular black obelisk to do. Rather than asking for a do-all protection, I am asking the stone to utilize its strengths to protect a specific person from a particular harm. That doesn’t mean that all the other protections that a stone has built in after absorbing energy from the millions of years of its creation, I just want a few particular ones to be at the forefront.

As you visualize the barrier you want the stone to create, make sure you have all the portals to the room covered. Doors and windows are the most obvious—but don’t forget the HVAC vents in the floor or ceiling. Create a cube, including the floor, walls and ceilings. Over a number of meditations with the obelisk, visually paint layers of protection for the person you want to protect.

It is important to provide in your instructions for what you want the stone to do for repeated entry and departure from the room. You might visualize a shower or car wash at the door to clean a person who enters the room—and maybe one that puts a virtual coat of armor on the person leaving the room.

Nothing lasts forever, so remember that you need to frequently meditate with your black obelisk, it is going to need fine tuning and even cleansing. Swapping it out with another obelisk made of selenite is a good way to make sure your chosen room is as neutral as it can be when not in use.