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Written by Laurence Carr on February 7, 2019

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When you walk into a space with pure, exuberant energy, your whole body responds. It’s a feeling unlike anything else. Physical reactions to pleasant energy can range from complete relaxation to tingly exhilaration. Energy is just like anything else. It can be created, manipulated, and even rebuilt from the ground up with intention and respect for this essential, unseen force.

One can only imagine the shifts in energy that can be achieved with the use of crystals, and expert knowledge is not necessary. Simply purchasing specific stones and placing them intentionally in your home or workspace can completely shift the energy in the space, making room for positive, glowing feelings of joy, motivation, abundance, and unencumbered creativity.

At Laurence Carr Design, we use crystals to clear, build, and maintain a space’s energy with our clients’ unique goals and intentions in mind. All to enhance body, mind and soul as a whole.

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First, we start with an intention. Once the intention is clearly stated silently or aloud, we proceed on clearing the energy of a space (indoor or outdoor) using one or more of the following stones: black tourmaline, selenite, and celestite. Crystal work can be done by simply moving through the space slowly, with intention with one or more of these stones, or, depending on the amount of cleansing necessary, we may even leave the stones in a space for hours, or days at a time. The stones should be moved from room to room in a home, corner to corner in an outdoor space, and cleansed and recharged in between uses. The best way to cleanse a stone is to place it in a glass of purified water—one crystal per glass. Or, you may choose to use sacred smoke, such as sage, to cleanse the stone’s energy. Once you sense that the stone’s energy has been reset, you’ll want to bathe the crystal(s) in sunlight or moonlight to replenish its energy. Note: there is no need to use the same set of crystals in each room. You can purchase several stones and place them where you intuitively believe they will heed the greatest cleansing results.

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Once a space is energetically clear, it’s time to design the energy concept with the client’s goals in mind. These goals vary from room to room and require several stones placed intentionally room by room.

Like all energy work, crystal healing and cleansing is reliant on intuition and a willingness to open your heart and mind. The “right” answers regarding placement and positioning rests with your ability to let yourself feel. Generally, it is safe to say that once the space’s energy is clear, it is like a blank canvas waiting for your touch. I suggest making note of your goals and backing out your crystal needs from there. This will give you a great place to start when you enter a store and begin making selections. Even as you work through the list, pay attention to the crystals that call to you. These energetic forces are strong and exist for a reason.

Generally speaking, there are specific places where crystals are most effective. Moonstone, with its soft, muted pallet of icy blues, is known for its ability to calm the mind and decrease anxiety. For those who are overstimulated, which includes most of our global population today, this crystal is a necessary component of your bedroom. You may opt for a larger piece that sits on your nightstand, or something smaller on a shelf or even sewn into a pillow or pillowcase.

Larimar is the stone of joy, and Apophyllite, one of positivity. These are favorites of mine in the living room or dining area. They are ultra-effective in spaces where heavy human interaction occurs. Laurence Carr Design often infuses these crystals into rooms in homes where clients are recovering from trauma including divorce, death of a loved one, or other painful circumstances.

The kitchen is a place that can also benefit from Larimar and Apophyllite, but Carnelian, the stone of adventure and creativity is a beautiful addition to the space. This rounds out the energy with a sense of excitement over the new, encouraging exploration, often guiding clients to push the boundaries to try new dishes, play with spices, and evoke greater pleasure from creating delectable, nourishing foods.

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Labradorite is one of my favorite stones, and is extremely powerful. It is the stone that reminds us dreams come true, and it offers the energetic support to actually make those dreams come true. There us no place in the home it shouldn’t be. And there is no incorrect way to place it.

If you prefer to focus on crystals as decorative, statement pieces, they will still have the same energetic effects. Often, power and form go hand-in-hand. Recently, while in Phuket Thailand, I have the pleasure to experience a beautiful store with one-of-a-kind and breathtaking crystal pieces from the five continents: Fe2 Decor. Their items are handmade, shipped worldwide, and are guaranteed to bring positive shifts to the energy in your home or workspace while maintaining an artistic sensibility and natural wonder.

Laurence Carr Design believes in pushing the boundaries in creative design and holistic healing through this diverse medium. We have done everything from placing crystals into rooms similar to how we would place decor to layering crystals in the foundation of walls ,in the wood frame between wall partitions, typically before the walls were closed. The results seen and felt by clients has been extraordinary. Often pushing the benefits of our work beyond what a client thought possible.

This is a terrific example of our ability to work ancient practices and alchemy into the modern, artistic concept of design. When combined, the results are aspirational, alluring, and life-altering all at once.

Laurence Carr is the CEO and Creative Director of her award-winning NYC-based studio, Laurence Carr Design, specializing in sustainable, exquisite interiors and lifestyle design. Laurence is a pioneering voice and leader in the movement toward circular and wellness-centered design, and an Ambassador for the Sustainable Furnishings Council.
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