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Written by Mari Rivera, April 7, 2022

August 24 - September 22

Colors: Silver, Indigo, Dark Violet, Tan, Warm Yellow

Exposure, System Builders, Enigma, Literalist, Beauty

Tarot: Hermit

Virgo, an earth sign ruled by Mercury, is the sixth of the zodiac signs. Smart, sophisticated, and structured, Virgos are deeply caring under their serious, down-to-earth appearance, living to solve problems, employ their talents, and provide order to serve others and make a significant impact on the world. They are mysterious and secretive on the outside as they conceal things about themself and their ideas and are picky in what they want, what they reveal, and how they want things done. They contribute to the group by nature and expect others to do the same as they make silent demands, so they need to learn to verbally communicate their needs and open up to share their helpful, loving energy.


Virgo, an earth sign ruled by Mercury, is the sixth of the zodiac signs. Smart and sophisticated, Virgos are deeply caring under their serious appearance, using their structured thinking and talents to solve problems in the interest of serving others. They are mysterious and secretive, picky in what they reveal, what they conceal, and how they do it, including their needs and demands, so they must learn to verbally communicate and release some of their critical, analytical outlook.


Flower Agate


Moss Agate


Tree Agate


















Dalmation Jasper


Snowflake Obsidian





Tree Agate - Stone of Abundance - brings good luck, abundance, and wealth, brings calm and peace, healing stone, promotes health in all environments, especially Mother Earth, can give you the energy to face difficult, unpleasant circumstances with poise and self-control

Chevron Amethyst - Master Healing Stone - strongly protective, transmutes negative energy to love, relieves all kinds of stress, activates spiritual and psychic powers, helps move one into higher state of consciousness, strengthens metal abilities and heightens meditation abilities, clears auric field, helps with peaceful sleep and clear dreaming

Carnelian - Stone of Power - enhancing analytical abilities, ambition, and drive, awakens hidden talents and gifts, career activator and energizer, bolsters creativity, personal power, enables more control over one’s negative emotions, enhances meditation, making astral travel more possible by giving courage and curiosity, helps as a source of constant renewal and vitality, both physically and spirituality, gives one the courage to overcome depression and sorrow

Charoite - Stone of Transformation - slow down and enjoy the moment, opens to a new awareness of spiritual things all around you, strong transformation of negative emotions, removes negative patterns of behavior and belief, positive spiritual growth, enhanced self-esteem, courage, and inner strength are also nurtured, supports unconditional love and acceptance of others


Hypersthene - Stone of Protection - one of the main protective stones, blocking outside ‘noise’ that keeps one from finding quiet, during meditation especially, shimmering color reminds one that the third eye is all seeing