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Is there something in your life or space you’ve been wanting to shift or change? Is there something you need more clarity or vision on? Crystals are the perfect catalyst to create that energy in your space. We sat down with our good friend and astrologer, Shannon Aganza, of Moon Gathering. She is a professional astrologer and holds a wealth of knowledge when it comes to crystals and their properties. We’ve known Shannon for over 20 years and she has guided us through every major event in our lives and especially in our business.

As the seasons change and we set new intention for ourselves and in our home, we thought what better person to help us translate this information, but Shannon. In this blog we’ll be focusing on certain crystals and their properties in your home, where to use them, what benefits they provide and how to clean them.


Black Tourmaline 


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When you want to create a clear environment and living space Tourmaline is the perfect crystal to use. Tourmaline acts as a filtration crystal. If you need to clear your head or get rid of negative energy, seek out a Tourmaline crystal. Keep in mind it comes in all different shapes and colors. You’ll notice it’s very long and sharp in nature and perfectly designed to pierce through the problem. Tourmaline is great to place under your bed because when you are sleeping you’re detoxing. You can also place it at the entrance of your home, as visitors enter they will get a little filtration bath. Place this crystal anywhere you are trying to clear or get rid of certain energy. Tourmaline is also really good to place near technology, such as computers or TVs to clear and absorb all the negative energy. 

For those who live in Southern California we have Tourmaline mines all around us. If you are looking for a beautiful piece of Tourmaline search locally!





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Once you’ve cleared your space with Tourmaline, you’ll want to welcome some prosperity into your home. Pyrite is perfect to help bring wealth and abundance into your life or space. You should place Pyrite in the left most corner of your home, which is your prosperity space on the Feng Shui map. As you walk in your front door, point your hand to the left corner of your home. This is the ideal spot to place Pyrite. You can also place pyrite in your work place or home office to amplify good vibes. It’s also one of the easiest crystals to get.

Below is an example of a simple Feng Shui map. Think of where you want to bring order into your life and focus on that space.



Lapis Lazuli


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Lapis is royal blue in color which makes it one of the most beautiful crystals and is considered a high spiritual stone. The ancients would associate Lapis with spiritual sight. They would make pigment out of the stone and wear it as eye make up to create vision. Place Lapis in your home where you want to see or visualize change.





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Fluorite comes in a number of different colors including blues, greens and purples, however purple is the most common because of it’s chakra hierarchy. You can tell Fluorite apart from other stones because of it’s geometric like square shapes - you’ll notice it has a lot of right angles in it’s character. Fluorite is a mental stone and it brings clarity to your space and life. It softens the mind and is considered a healing stone. Fluorite is great to place next to your bed on a nightstand especially if you have a hard time sleeping. It helps your mind detox at night. It’s also great for those who tend to be stressed out or those who think a lot. You can also place it in an office space to bring healthy, clean energy into the workspace.





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Calcite is a metamorphic stone and is perfect if you are trying to shift something in your life. Calcite can transform very easily and you can see that in it’s geometric state. If your children have night terrors, Orange Calcite in particular is great to place in their pillowcase before bed.



Rose Quartz


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Pink Rose Quartz is considered the love stone and one of the most lovely, beneficial stones there is. It’s soft and pink in color. This is a good stone to place on a nightstand in your bedroom or even in the bathroom next to your beauty products. Place Pink Rose Quartz where you want to let love into your home.





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Garnet is the female empowerment and strength stone. It’s effective for bringing in self love. If you need a little extra strength place Garnet in your bedroom. Even more place it in your living space, a space where you gather with friends and family to promote self love and compassion.



Clear Quartz 


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Clear Quartz is considered to be the purity stone and a symbol of protection. It holds information really well, but it will only hold the agenda you place in it. It speaks nicely with other crystals to help amplify their properties. Place clear quartz in a space in your home where you want to hold particular energy or bring purity, such as your living room or bedroom. Set intentions with the stone and it will hold that energy until you release it.



How To Clean Your Crystals


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Place all your crystals in water (except for Selenite, as it will dissolve) and put them outside for about 24 hours (a full cycle of the moon and the sun). This is one of the best ways to clean your crystals especially during the full moon. You can also cleanse your crystals using selenite. Selenite is a powerful crystal cleanser and using large or multiple pieces with your crystal collection is most effective. You can also use smudge sticks to burn and cleanse with the smoke! There are many other ways to cleanse your crystals. Click here for more methods.



The Sisters and Shannon,, 2020