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CRYSTAL healing is an alternative therapy that uses crystals and gemstones to improve your life. Here are the top 10 crystals to get your hands on, according to an expert.


The idea crystals carry healing benefits can be traced back to 3400 BC when the Ancient Sumerians used crystals in magic formulas. The Ancient Egyptians also used crystals in their jewellery to bring health and protection and ward off evil spirits. Today, crystal healing is a type of therapy which is used to balance certain aspects of a person's personality, mind or life in general. Every crystal has a unique energy and special properties which can alter how you feel or think. Crystals can be hugely beneficial for people’s mental health. chatted to crystal healer, astrologer, cosmic coach, and founder of the Moon Child Sorority, Bex (@cosmic_cures on Instagram) to find out which crystals might suit you.

There isn’t much scientific evidence for healing crystals, but it is believed by many that crystals have energy and healing properties.

Crystal healers place crystals on specific parts of the body with an aim to improve a condition, heal something, ward off bad energy or absorb positive energy.

Bex explained: “Crystals look beautiful yes, but we can actually use them in a far more practical sense to help us balance our emotional frequencies.

“We’re all energy - every one of us - and have an inner ‘network’ called the Chakra system, consisting of seven main points that keep our life force flowing freely.

“When one of these chakras is blocked then we feel emotionally, spiritually and physically unbalanced.

“Crystals are like little energy ‘purifiers’ because of their atomic make up - they each vibrate at a different frequency that corresponds to a chakra and help keep it aligned.

“When we meditate with certain crystals and use them to set intentions, then we can alter our negative thought patterns and energetic frequencies, which in turn will change our actions.”

If you feel held back in your life by a particular bad habit, predisposition, or are going through a rough time… you could benefit from clutching a crystal or two.

Here are Bex’s top 10 crystals for common problems.


A staggering one in six people in England admit to suffering from a common mental health problem such as anxiety every week.

If you’ve chatted to your doctor, seen a therapist, and tried a range of techniques and feel like you need an extra helping hand… Why not give crystal healing a try?

Bex recommends Lepidolite for people plagued with anxiety.

She said: “Lepidolite is the crystal equivalent of one of your friends giving you a big hug, making you tea and biscuits, then curling up on the sofa to talk through all your worries.

“It’s a natural soother, and is considered to be one of the best mood stabilising crystals in the world.

“Think of it like the ‘therapist’ of the gem world - it actually naturally contains high amounts of lithium, which is used in anti-anxiety medication.

“Meditating with lepidolite will help calm an anxious, overactive mind and prevent you from catastrophising.”


Sometimes you’ve got the skill and talent to achieve something incredible, but you’re held back by your lack of self-belief.

A ‘Tiger’s Eye’ stone is just what you need for a confidence boost.

Bex said: “Like the ‘Eye of the Tiger’, this glorious golden banded stone will help you rise up to the challenge and head straight to the top.

“Lacking self-confidence indicates a blockage in the Solar Plexus chakra, which is the realm of our personal power.

“This chakra is associated with the Fire element and can be remembered with the phrase ‘fire in the belly’, as it’s the source of our inner fire.

“Tiger’s Eye helps align the Solar Plexus chakra to give you a burst of glowing confidence.

“It also helps us make decisions and solve dilemmas, especially those who find it hard to commit to a plan of action.

“This beautiful crystal helps to inspire passion for projects and people, encouraging bravery and confidence to follow your dreams.

“It also empowers us to ask for what we want - kind of like having a dose of assertiveness. Go get ‘em, tiger

Insomnia or addiction

We all know how unhealthy lack of sleep is, and an addiction is never a good thing no matter what habit it is you can’t quit.

Bex said: “The glimmering violet hue of amethyst is well known - many of us will have gazed into the hypnotic points and peaks of an amethyst cluster.

“Amethyst is a superb stone for addiction, helping us to stop overthinking and obsessing, and calming the mind so it stops swirling round in negative thought patterns.

“It’s also marvellous to keep next to your bed if you suffer from nightmares or insomnia.

“Violet light is known for soothing nervous and mental disorders, as well as helping to produce melatonin, the hormone that aids our sleep.

“Amethyst aligns the Third Eye and Crown Chakras, both linked to the pineal gland that regulates sleep patterns.”

Healing from heartache

If you’re going through a breakup, the Rhodonite stone is for you.

Bex said: “When things get a little too much and you feel your heart is raw and cracked, then at some point we need some crystal comfort.

“Rhodonite is a gorgeous stone for heartache - whether suffering from a broken heart or dealing with unrequited love.

“It helps us gradually start to heal again after we’ve endured a period of emotional turmoil.

“The soft, blush pink hue radiates at the same colour frequency of ‘higher love’, reminding us to have ultimate compassion with ourselves.

“Rhodonite helps us gently release our attachment to the past, bringing us peace so we feel supported.

“It’s also a ‘barrier energiser’ stone, helping to keep negative energy out of your life.

"If you have a toxic person in your life who drains your energy, keep this crystal close by!”


We could all do with a bit of luck in 2021, and the Green Aventurine will give you exactly that.

Bex said: “Need a little Lady Luck on your side? Pop Green Aventurine in your pocket wherever you go.

“This is considered to be the luckiest crystal of all, and ushers in abundance and prosperity.

“It is known as the ‘Stone of Opportunity’ and will keep serendipity on your side no matter what the situation.

“A first date, a job interview, a competition - if Green Aventurine is nearby then fortune will be too! Boost your chances with this brilliant green crystal, which is especially popular for ushering in financial wealth.”

The stone is also great for those who struggle to make decisions, Bex said.

She explained: “It fosters a sense of decisiveness, creativity and open-mindedness to other ideas: exactly what you need in order to have more chances of creating your own lucky breaks!”


Citrine brings us joy, optimism and energy, and who doesn’t want all of that?

Bex said: “Just like the sun’s rays, citrine offers warmth and optimism - I like to think of it like solid, crystallised sunshine.

“The name citrine comes from the French word ‘citron’ or lemon, and like the cheerfully yellow citrus fruit, it gives us a zest for life!

“It’s a stone of abundance and not only attracts wealth and helps us keep it, but also enhances our generosity.

“Giving has the same vibrational frequency as receiving, so when we’re generous we tell the world we’re ready for more ourselves.

“Citrine is a stone for artists, as it also inspires creativity and sparks the imagination.


For hero-like bravery, Black Onyx is a must-have in your crystal-arsenal, Bex said.

She explained: “This is a powerful Warrior Stone that reminds us we can be fearless.

“It’s a stone of transformation and has traditionally been used in Peruvian and Native American initiation rituals because it inspires feelings of personal power that comes from facing your fears.

“We can use it to free us from the shackles of self-doubt.

“Although primarily an opaque black stone, it also has a thin thread of white and grey running across its surface.

“Black represents the cool, inky night sky, grey symbolises the stillness of dawn and dusk, while white is the colour of the everyday.

“It indicates the transition from night-time to a pearly dawn, reminding us that daylight always arrives no matter how dark the night seems.”


Self love is a popular hashtag on Instagram… but how many of us confidently love ourselves?

Bex said: “Self-love is such a crucial part of becoming who we’re meant to be, and yet we often find it hugely difficult to show the same compassion for ourselves as we can for others.

“As the ‘Crystal of Unconditional Love’ then Rose Quartz is the perfect stone to promote kindness, heal from trauma, and release those limiting beliefs that pervade our thoughts and stop us from truly appreciating the wonders we can offer the world.

“Once we feel love for ourselves then all other kinds of love and abundance will flow into our lives - we open up to love and learn the ability to show love.

“It is also effective in attracting new romances and developing intimacy.

“Its calming, soft pink glow helps to restore trust and know that we are all worthy of true love.”

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By Izzie Deibe

PUBLISHED: 15:59, Sat, Jan 2, 2021,