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You may not realize that when you get a new crystal, whether bought online, gifted, or otherwise obtained, one crucial step to take in order to get the most out of your energy crystal is to cleanse it. These crystals pick up all sorts of energies and can come 'gunked up' so to speak with different energies. Cleansing them and then setting their intention is a MUST DO!


Moonlight Behind Clouds


One great way to cleanse your crystals, is by using the light of the moon or the sun! You can set your crystals out overnight in a safe area as long as you are sure to check the weather so that if any of your crystals are sensitive to moisture, they won't get rained on, etc. A bright full moon will have the best cleansing effect. Leaving them out all night is also not necessary, a few hours will do. The sun's energy is also great for cleansing crystals. They can be set in direct sunlight for a few hours. Whatever fits your schedule best.




Water Goddess


Some crystals can also be cleansed with water. Water and it's wonderful cleansing powers will clean off the physical gunk in addition to the energy gunk from your crystals. Just be sure to research your crystal to make sure it won't be damaged by being submerged in water. For a list of stones that can be sensitive to water or liquids, click here. /Crystals_That_Can_Be_Damaged_By_Liquids_Articles_11217.html




Earth animation


The Earth gave us the crystals and everything else we have and it is also a wonderful cleansing tool! Nothing can cleanse the soul like a bit of nature, so give your crystals a spiritual camping trip by choosing a safe (and easy to find again!) spot in your yard and burying them in the soil for a day or night. The pure and grounding earthy energy will suck away any impurities, and you'll dig up crystals with fresh, cleansed energy imbued by the power of Mother Nature. They'll be fully ready to charge and work with.




smoke billowing


Smoke is also a wonderful cleanser. Whether your smudging tool of choice is incense, palo santo, sage, or any other bundle of herbs, using a cleansing smoke (or "smudging") is a quick and effective way to cleanse your crystals. Light your smudging tool and wait for it to generate a strong stream of smoke. Cleanse yourself, and then cleanse each crystal one by one, allowing the smoke to circle around each piece and carry away any negative or stuffy vibes. Place the smudging stick in a fireproof dish near your freshly-cleansed crystals so it can continue banishing the bad vibes until it goes out.




Pouring Salt


Salt is naturally cleansing — that's why people use it for things like disinfecting wounds, adding it to bathwater to draw out toxins, and creating circles of protection during ritual work. Similarly, it can be used to cleanse your crystals. Fill a shallow bowl (large enough to fit the crystals you're looking to cleanse) with sea salt and add your crystals in, partially burying them in the salt. Leave them here for a day or overnight and the salt will work its cleansing magic.

But note: Contact with salt can be really damaging to certain types of crystals, so do some research on the ones you plan to cleanse before using this method.

And finally, just as you wouldn't wash yourself in used bathwater, you shouldn't use this salt for any other purpose, either. No cooking with or cleansing additional crystals in it once it's been used. After cleansing, it's full of all the energetic gunk you didn't want around, so throw it away or bury it in the ground instead.




sparkling crystals


Some crystals are actually known for their ability to cleanse other crystals. That's how powerful they can be! For example, selenite is excellent for cleansing. you can wave a selenite wand over and around your other crystals to cleanse them with the stone's strong energy. Quartz are another great cleanser, and you can place other crystals on a large bed of quartz or inside of a geode to cleanse them. Carnelian is another powerful stone known for its ability to cleanse other crystals. Try placing it in a bag or box with your other stones and allow them to absorb its energy.




Eye Animation


Finally, one of our favorite ways to cleanse your crystals is through visualizations. Because you can do it any time, any place, and with any crystal, it is one of the most convenient methods. Our minds are super powerful tools, and our thoughts and visualizations can create energy. That's the basis of the visualization cleansing method. Find a quiet space where you can concentrate, and do your best to get into a meditative state. Hold your crystal in your hands, and then visualize a bright stream of pure white light beaming straight out of your third eye, surrounding the crystal with its glow like a protective shield. Imagine the light as the most cleansing energy, with the power to transmute any negative into a pure goodness. Do this until you feel the energy of the crystal shift (trust your intuition on this!), and then move onto the next piece.

Just note that it can be psychically exhausting to use this method if you're cleansing a large number of crystals, so take breaks if you're feeling drained or noticing that your visualization is becoming less effective as you go on.




Always remember, there is no wrong way to cleanse and care for your crystals. Find whatever method works best for you and your schedule and lifestyle and give yourself a pat on the back for learning new ways to make great use of your wonderful energy crystals!