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WOKE Armor

WOKE Armor

Living in today’s society is a real challenge with our culture changing around us practically by the minute. How do we maneuver through all the verbal landmines that are now a part of society just waiting for what others define as a mistake? “Society” is now defined by a ‘WOKE’ pink haired, nose ring wearing, tongue studded, high school dropout who still lives in his parent’s basement between “peaceful” protests and store looting. The arbiters of right and wrong are out there marching with no mask in a world health crisis and no personal filter either! What you have they want--after all, you did not earn it in their view. And even if you did, they still want all of it. The Government, these protesters rail endlessly, should reassign all the wealth, privilege, etc. They want to control all you have and parcel it out to everyone who believes like them. Doesn’t matter if you worked for 40 years, it is take and redistribute.Keep in mind these people have no intention of giving you their own money.

Those who agree with them are ‘WOKE’.

Woke is generally thought to be, by those in society, as: “we need to stay angry and alert to injustice in society, especially racism” or

"we need to stay angry and stay woke"

Woke is a slang term that is easing into the mainstream from some varieties of a dialect
called African American Vernacular English (sometimes called AAVE). In AAVE, awake is
often rendered as woke, as in, “I was sleeping, but now I'm woke.” 'Woke' is increasingly
used as a byword for social awareness. www.merriam-webster.

In general, on a daily basis the mob “protests” to express their unhappiness on some nuance of life as it interacts with their own lives. Depending on the day, city, or location, these people decide what is not meeting their physical and emotional needs. As we slide closer and closer into Socialist/Marxist ideals, protesters will inform the city, state, or greater society in general of what changes they expect to see happen and riot when it does not. Their surrounding ‘atmosphere’ is so toxic that individuals who have a different life view are brutally subjected to loud screaming, constant harassment, and even physical abuse. The end result is that responsible people just stay away--for their own safety as well as that of their family, reputations, and businesses.

I have many reasons to stay inside away from these “woke” people due to my personal immunity status. Being a post cancer patient, I try to stay away from toxic atmospheres and toxic people. I live in a world of crystals, cleaning up negativity around me, being a better person than the day before. I do not inflict my personal belief system on those around me. I exhibit it and let those who wish to follow it’s example—follow. It is a free choice in my world.

In this environment, Bob came in with some beautiful Phlogopite crystals. I was immediately intrigued by the Heart Chakra pull from the crystal. A great quiet settled on my Heart Chakra when I first held one. A happiness I had not felt before overlaid my entire chakra system. This happiness led to a healing feeling. As I sat meditating with a large Phlogopite crystal, my guide told me about the attributes of the crystal. It is a stone specifically for this time. It had come to Bob and now It helps us deal with this confounding environment.

It can show us the way to a practical future--how to avoid wrong turns in our travel down the road of life. It can help with the evolution of new abilities as needed by your path down this road. It can be useful when you are trying to make a big change. It is protective, it can heal, and most importantly it can detect negative energy and help you to avoid it in your life path. It is a protection stone, but more powerful and directed than the usual black protection stones such as tourmaline, obsidian and Shungite.

I have thought to use my beautiful Phlogopite pendant to form a shield around me. Worn on a chain, or piece of cloth, this pendant connects to my Heart Chakra, enlarging the Phlogopite’s effect to a shield around my body. I could use the earrings, long, dangling, to do the same thing. Or use Phlogopite in a bracelet to serve as the same shield reinforcer.

Natural energy in stones has been used in many cultures. In the Native American folklore, stones bring the energies of Father Sky, Mother Earth, and the power of the four directions. These combine to make powerful crystals on Earth, inspiring one to live with love and joy, giving and receiving healing. They encourage you to stand on your own, get rid of self-blame and victim consciousness. I find that with phlogopite, you see your flaws, and can use this crystal to realign your path, heal your consciousness, love yourself and others.

Now you can be “WOKE” to a heart centered life, utilizing your own strength and abilities to make your way, surrounding yourself with an armor of protection.


The Back Story

The girls in the warehouse were after me to get some arfvedsonite as they had sold all we had in stock.I went internet searching and found some strands of arfvedsonite beads at a bead dealer.They were 40 mm square and drilled diagonally.The price point was good enough to break up the strand and sell each bead as a piece that could be put in a pocket, slipped inside a bra (Mary’s favorite), or put in totem bag or pouch.

I ordered three strands.When they arrived, they were not arfvedsonite, but were tagged as phlogopite.That began the search for more information on phlogopite.I compared astrophylite, Nuummite, phlogopite and arfvedsonite.If you remember, there has been an ongoing battle between astrophylite, Nuummite and arfvedsonite.Passions have gotten quite high over which stone was which.

I took a couple of the 40 mm square beads home and asked Mary for a reading to see if she could narrow down the psychic energy to one of the three categories.

The first time she touched one, I thought she was going to fall over.When she could talk again, she told me that this was a stone that could protect from the WOKE generations negative energy.That was good enough for me,I started looking for more phlogopite.

To make it interesting, there is not a whole lot of phlogopite on the market,There are rough specimens and they are all over the place in look and color.But apparently a particular find of solid phlogopite discovered a long time ago and was cut into beads.A lot of them were purchased by my bead dealer.I can’t find anyone else who has that type of stone.I bought another order to see if the mis-labeled arfvedsonite would again be shipped.It was.So I bought a larger order because I recognized that a lot of our customers were like Mary and I—at a loss to understand why a generation is so angry, full of negative energy yet so needy.In the metaphysical world these people are called vampires.They can suck your energy by just being in the same room.We have long been seeking an effective armor for better protection against these people.

Mary is a unique person.She reads auras and can see spirit guides.She does not intrude, nor does she flaunt.She doesn’t do readings, but works occasionally with people who seek her out.I tell people that she does metaphysical, I sell rocks.In my life, I try to provide her with energy tools to share with you.

Phlogopite is one of those tools we need to share.