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Tampa Body Mind Spirit Expo June 2020

Tampa Body Mind Spirit Expo June 2020

Bob's Blog:

The Body Mind Spirit Expo at the Tampa State Fairgrounds was an interesting experiment.Would it be held?Or cancelled?Well, it was held and it turned out to be a pretty interesting experiment in “reopening”.Masks and sanitizer were available in vendor booths as well as at the front door.Booths were spread apart and signage was everywhere to remind people to be safe.Saturday had a fairly good crowd.I didn’t get out of my chair at checkout until about 4 pm.Since I left Mary at home, it was just me manning the booth, but everyone seemed to find what they were looking for---thanks to the girls back in the warehouse doing such a tremendous job on signage.

It was really a diverse crowd—except for the lack of older people. We really missed the crowd from the Villages who often show up by the bus load.

The color of the show was black—shungite, obsidian, tourmaline.It went in all forms, bracelets, pendants, obelisks as well as tumbles and rough.Tiger eye in all colors and bright neon blue apatite were popular as well.

It is going to be interesting to see if the Tampa area becomes a hot spot----not from the metaphysical show, but from the gun show that was going on in another building on the Fairgrounds.At 8 am Saturday, there were three lanes of cars from the main entrance all the way back to the interstate on ramp.At 9 there were still three lanes out to the on ramp, but the parking lot now had a serpentine line of cars snaking its way to the pay booth and the lot was already 2/3 full.This for a show that opened at 10.

Other news:BMSE cancelled the Miami show in July and the July Mystic Faire in Sarasota has been cancelled.We don’t have anything left on the schedule until the Treasures of the Earth Gem, Jewelry and Mineral Labor Day weekend in Raleigh N.C.That’s a 4-day show which includes Monday.

We participated in the PPP (Payroll Protection Program).Congress gave us a loan for 8 weeks of payroll based on the average weekly payroll from 2019.We got approved May 4th.Our shows got closed down starting March 20th.We have had 10 shows cancelled through the end of August and one show that actually was held (Tampa).So over a 23 week stretch, we had a government loan program to help us for 8 weeks---based on a 2019 average salary, number of employees and hours worked.We were expanding so all the 2019 based numbers did not reflect the 2020 actual payroll.

This is the same problem that many small business’s have, it is just not us.Our online sales jumped, but we discounted everything by 25% just to generate cash flow.And eBay, Etsy, Paypal, Duke Energy, Casselberry Utilities and Spectrum kept their hand on my wallet all the same.

It is a tough time out there right now for all the vendors you come to see at the Metaphysical Faire or the Gem and Mineral show.We had every expectation that this was going to be a banner year.Last year ended very well and early this year we saw record setting shows.For us, the Road Shows account for 75% of our income and that disappeared 100%.For many of your favorite vendors, the shows account for 100% of their income.While we are dinged up a bit—they are really hurting.When the economy reopens, I expect many of them will not.So if you are in a position to help your favorite reader or medium, call them for a telephone reading. Or go online and buy some of their products.It would be much appreciated.