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Merry Christmas from Melded Mind Metaphysical

Merry Christmas from Melded Mind Metaphysical

Time for the Christmas Letter so here goes. 2020 is about over. Despite having 14 shows cancelled—some twice—we have survived. We used the down time to expand and fine tune our website. Everything that is on our eBay, Etsy, Amazon, Instagram, and Facebook stores can also be found on our website. A tip of the hat to the girls for working out the glitches in creating a multi-channel marketing platform. A particular shoutout should go to Diana who created our Etsy store featuring some remarkably interesting combinations of shapes, stones and energy.

One of the sections of the website that I am proudest of is the library. We post articles that appear in numerous news feeds for you to increase your knowledge about all things metaphysical and geological. It is my hope that we will be able to generate articles from our readers that we can include in the mix. So, if you have something to say---let us be your voice to the metaphysical world.

We are working hard to improve our communication with the metaphysical world. I am 73—my idea of social media is leaning on the backyard fence and talking to a neighbor. The girls—all of whom are thirtyish—are much better, but we have recently added another layer of staff that is just out of high school. Hopefully when they get their feet wet around here, they can bring even more new ideas to the company.

An update on Mother Mary, the founding angel of this all. She went to California to take care of her daughter and chase the grandkid during a health crisis and ended up with her own crisis. After a weeklong stay in ICU and two operations she is recovering in a rehab care facility. I would appreciate your sending healing energy her way if you have a moment. Just point it towards San Diego—California can use the help if you miss.

Our schedule for 2021 should be posted on the website. The Melbourne Mystic Faire in January got cancelled, but Spirit Fest stepped in with festivals in Melbourne, Orlando, Sarasota, and Jacksonville. 2021 is going to start out a little slow, but it picks up speed in March and should be well inoculated for success by mid-year.

The crew here at wishes you a safe and joyous holiday season and looks forward to being part of your metaphysical life in 2021.


Bob and Mary