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10 Ways to Add Glitz and Gold to Your Home Interior




With the holidays just around the corner, it’s very likely that your to-do list is shaping up to be rather intense. You want your home to look glamorous and well-decorated for visitors and dinner guests. However, isn’t that what you want year-round—a glitzy, glamorous home?

Gold accents are a hot trend right now and we dare say that this classy trend may be here to stay. Luckily, there are some easy, fun and surprisingly inexpensive steps you can take to add gold to your home interior.

Here we will show you how to add year-round touches of glamour, gilt and gold to your home— without it looking tacky or overdone.




1. Chandeliers

A chandelier is the best place to start infusing your home with shine. We recommend that you choose an elegant chandelier that adds a bit of whimsy to your room.

For instance, choose one that is not heavy on the metal, but has more glass, with a touch of gold on the arms. This will give your dining room, living room, den, or bedroom a more elegant feeling.

Yes, chandeliers are not only just for dinging rooms anymore—consider adding one to an unexpected room for added glamour.



2. Gold Furnishings, Fabrics & Paints

Gold furniture is hot right now!  Look through any current decorating magazine and you are certain to see elegant rooms that have hints of gold and glitz placed strategically throughout the room.

How can you pull off this look without making your home look tacky? Try swapping out your curtains, linens, area rugs, pillows and other fabrics throughout your home with ones that have hints/accents of gold colors. Or switch one neutral- colored wall to an accent wall of glimmering gold paint. If a wall seems to daring, then consider painting an accent piece such as a coffee table in gold paint.

If this seems to be too much gold for your taste, consider adding a few throw pillows that have specks or swirls of glittery gold trim running throughout—- big or small your home deserves some glamour!



3. Take It To The Table

Any table in your home can be glamorized by adding a simple gold runner that is perfect all year long. Paired with the perfect centerpiece, this becomes an understated way to make a gold statement in your home.

If you are hosting a special dinner, you could decorate the table with gold place settings, gold napkins, and get out your good china – perhaps rimmed in gold – for that added glitz and glamour.

Even something as simple as some gold decorative balls place in a gold-rimmed bowl or golden tray can add the perfect hint of glitz to your home. Look to the modern decor on the side table in the image below —two small gold birds sit atop the gold table, making it a perfectly elegant way to add a hint of gold.



4. Gold Accessories Add Sparkle

Not all candles are meant to burn and this is particularly true when it comes to adding a touch of gold to your home décor. Try adding a few over-the-top glittery gold candles to your table or an end table in the living room and watch a little shine go a long way.

If candles are not your thing, then consider accessorizing a tabletop with a runner in a shiny gold fabric, topped with a glass vase filled with gold decorative balls—there are so many ways to create a glitzy, glamorous centerpiece .

And remember to arrange your centerpieces or arrangements following the rule of three—it’s a great interior decorator secret that is fool-proof.